Saturday, July 7, 2018

PopCom - Know your COM ports

USB-to-Serial converters are ubiquitous nowadays. They come in many shapes, either as standalone dongles or integrated into development boards - Arduinos, ESPs, and many others. Whenever such an adapter is plugged into the computer, it is assigned with a COM port number. This number is then used to let software, such as the Arduino IDE, know how to communicate with the specific board.

So, how do we identify which COM port belongs to which board?
This is the problem PopCom is trying to solve. Whenever a USB device that implements a COM port is plugged into the computer, a message will pop-up, showing the name of the device that has been connected (which might be the name of the USB-to-Serial chip) and its port number.
The program can also pop-up a notification when such a USB is plugged-out, albeit this is slightly less useful.

Get the program here.